Wondering What You Need To Know About Cadence Pilates?

We’re Excited. You Should Be Too.

Wondering What You Need To Know About Cadence Pilates?

We’re Excited. You Should Be Too.


Information For Our First Timers

  • It’s easy to get started. For our Dernancourt Pilates Studio click HERE and for our St Peters Pilates Studio click HERE to book your 1:1 Intro Session with one of our Cadence Pilates Physiotherapists or Pilates Instructors and get started today. You can also check out our limited time offer of 5 Pilates Classes For $25 + Intro Session HERE.

  • No doctors referral is required to start Cadence Pilates. All Intro Sessions and ongoing classes are supervised by a fully qualified, highly skilled physiotherapist or Certified Pilates Instructor.

  • A Cadence Pilates Intro Session starts off in our consulting rooms or studio space (if available). It is an individual assessment containing a detailed subjective examination exploring general health, body metrics and discussing specific goals for undertaking Cadence Pilates. We will teach you the 5 key elements of Pilates and introduce you to the reformer. There are outcome measures that we use to ascertain physical capacity and assist with measured progression over time. Find out more about the Cadence Pilates Intro Session HERE or if you’re ready to book your Intro Session, you can go ahead and book that at our Dernancourt Pilates Studio HERE or at our St Peters Pilates Studio HERE.

  • Cadence Pilates offers a unique form of exercise and goal setting approach. We believe that if we have direct knowledge of your current capacity, we will be far better placed to help you achieve your goals and gain greater benefit in regard to health, strength and fitness.


Everything You Need To Know

  • We use membership pricing as they promote community engagement and growth, as well as individual ownership through an accountable exercise model. It allows us to provide an elite service delivery with a large scope of class types and available times, which leads to greater accessibility, flexibility and affordability.

  • As a student/concession holder, you’ll get 10% off Pricing and Memberships! Just show one of our friendly staff members your student ID or Concession Card and we will give you access to 10% off in the Mindbody app. Not to be used with any other offer or sale. Full-time students only.

  • If you bring a friend and through direct referral and they become a member, we’ll say thank you by giving you 20% off your next purchase (Block Pass or 1 week membership cost).

  • Cadence Pilates promotes individual and group based progression. We aim to encourage one another’s progression by focusing on individual goal setting and progressive change, rather than comparison to one another.

  • Each membership is billed on a week by week basis. When you sign up initially there is a minimum spend of 4 weeks total at the rate of 4 weeks of your membership e.g. Foundational Membership minimum spend is $160. Once the minimum spend period is finished the membership may be cancelled at any time.


Helping You Come Prepared

  • Each class does require a booking. We make this as easy as possible but do require the booking to confirm your place as each class is limited to 9 spaces. Please book as early as possible for your preferred classes to ensure your place in the class.

  • Each Cadence Pilates class has a maximum of 9 people per class. We limit the numbers to a smaller number, to allow as much time as possible for individualised supervision and progression. This promotes ongoing progression and increased exercise capacity within a group class, as well as safe exercise and boundary growth over time.

  • Active exercise wear is most appropriate for Cadence Pilates classes.

  • We recommend Pilates socks (which are readily available at our studio) as they allow best feedback through the feet for proprioceptive feedback mechanisms.

  • Non-slip Pilates socks are recommended as there are certain movements during most classes that require a non-slip sole. We have Pilates socks readily available for purchase at our studio, so you’ll never be stuck without a pair.

  • If the class is full add yourself onto the waitlist and you will be sent a text message when a spot becomes available. You must reply to the text message to secure your place.


A Proactive, Scientific & Experience Based Approach

  • Clinical Pilates is supervised by a fully trained professional clinician. As physiotherapists, we are best placed to undertake supervised Pilates classes as we understand the biomechanics and anatomy of the human body through our foundational study and expertise. This creates a greater level of clinical precision and appropriate progression to safely grow and develop within your exercise boundaries.

  • Cadence Pilates is goal focused and has regular reviews of your goals helping you stay motivated to achieve your goals. Trained and specialised physiotherapists have an advanced understanding of anatomy and physiology, as well as goal setting and progressive exercise. We do our absolute best to promote ongoing accountability to exercise and lifestyle change.

  • The Cadence Pilates Intro Session is best undertaken whilst in good physical condition. However, rehabilitation is a common reason for undertaking Cadence Pilates. Our highly skilled physiotherapists are experienced with injury and rehabilitation, and will provide advice on the right time to commence Cadence Pilates.

  • During the Cadence Pilates Intro Session our physiotherapists will examine any old injuries and provide advice regarding self management. An understanding of these injuries from the expert perspective of a physiotherapist will help address correct form and also provide adequate and appropriate boundaries for exercise prescription and supervision within group-based classes.

  • The Cadence Pilates Intro Session is designed to assist us in understanding each individual’s exercise capacity and boundaries. It is our physiotherapists role to gently push each member’s boundaries to allow growth and progression without going too far beyond their exercise capacity. Therefore we reduce injury risk. However, whilst rare, injuries do occur. The benefit of having a highly trained professional physiotherapist running each class is that they can clinically reason in the moment and make a highly informed decision in the moment on whether or not a particular member should continue the workout. Conversely, they can provide injury management advice in the moment to help reduce pain and dysfunction.


Something We’ve Missed?
Please Let Us Know

  • A great intro to Cadence Pilates and the best place to start for any rookie on the clinical Pilates reformer with a deeper focus on correct motor control and breathing techniques. A great way to recalibrate your muscles and learn all about the 5 key elements of Pilates and how the reformer can help you grow in core activation and control.

  • The natural next step from the Pure Foundation class. Take the knowledge, strength and control gained in the Foundation class to the next level and apply increased challenge of the foundational movements as well as learning new combinations and challenges on the Pilates reformer.

  • A class with increased challenge adding further combinations, layers of progression and application of all of the fundamental elements of Pilates. Come and push your control and strength to a new level.

  • A Pilates reformer is an apparatus including a carriage, springs, pulleys, footbar and frame. Whilst it may look hard to use, it has fantastic variety and diversity. Along with our specialty demonstration and instructive teaching methods, you will progressively improve and become an expert of the apparatus over time.

  • Cadence Pilates 2 Pilates studios that vary slightly in size, both being fully equipped as first class Pilates reformer studios, located in Dernancourt and St Peters, serving the North Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide.

  • One-on-one classes are available. However, there are more limitations on time as it will require booking individually with our Cadence Pilates physio team for certain classes. Check out our great information on 1:1 sessions HERE.

  • Cadence Pilates is an all-round body workout. We have some classes that are more driven to muscle growth and strength, however all classes will grow and develop muscles.

  • Cadence Pilates will improve core activation and strength in men. Decreased flexibility, increased muscle tension, over developed global muscle systems and lower back pain are common dysfunctions within the male population. Cadence Pilates promotes improved flexibility and dynamic mobility aiming to reduce pain and improve core function.

  • Cadence Pilates will help improve foundational core muscular systems, increase upper body strength and tone, rehabilitate abdominal core muscles and improve pelvic floor activation, promoting dynamic mobility and stability. Check out more information HERE.

  • If you are pregnant you must inform your supervising physio. Once you have progressed beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy, we highly recommend transitioning to our pre/post natal Pilates classes (see below).

  • Cadence Pilates Pre/Post Natal Pilates is physiotherapy run Reformer Pilates with a clinical approach to maintenance of pelvic floor and core activation throughout pregnancy and recovery in the postnatal period.

    Focusing On:

    – Pelvic Floor strength and control
    – Deep abdominal activation for lower back support
    – Remaining active and healthy throughout pregnancy
    – Management of abdominal separation postnatally

    To get started at Cadence Pilates you will undertake an initial individual assessment with one of our Physiotherapists.

    For more information please call our Dernancourt Pilates studio on 8337 1313 for more information or you can see more information HERE.

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