The Future of Pilates.

Focusing on Dynamic Reformer Pilates. Supported by Certified Pilates Instructors & Physiotherapists.

The Future of Pilates.

Focusing on Dynamic Reformer Pilates. Supported by Certified Pilates Instructors & Physiotherapists.

Cadence Pilates is run by professional Physiotherapists, built on a specialised exercise approach to Pilates. Our classes are foundationally based on the Pilates reformer and our Pilates studio is fully equipped with reformers and Pilates exercise equipment, so you’ll be well looked after.

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The best part is that each type of class is aimed at achieving specific exercise goals. On top of that, our Pilates classes are competitively priced, so get in touch with one of our friendly staff on how you can get started.

Competitively Priced

The Benefits of Cadence Pilates

Cadence Pilates - Adelaide - Reformer Workout

This is more than just Pilates. This is a wholistic approach to a health and wellness model that works. With our alternative approach to fitness, health and strength, you’ll experience the benefits of small class based Pilates training, safety in numbers, appropriate exercise level direction and perfected progression, tailored to your very own specific goals.

Adelaide Pilates - Cadence Pilates - Reformer Workout

Mobility, Activation, Strength & Conditioning.

We’ve worked hard at creating the perfect mix between the science and the art of a Pilates studio, as well as balancing a caring approach with a can do attitude. Our fully trained professional physiotherapists supervise the overall program and individual classes so that you reach the fullness of your potential in fitness, with safety at the forefront of your experience.

The Cadence Pilates Team

Being a part of a fitness community isn’t enough. You need experienced, motivational and driven leaders to create a sense of purpose, set achievable goals and have the integrity to lead the way in an environment built for success. That’s where we come in!

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Jon Joyce

Jon Joyce

Jon Joyce is our founder and lead Cadence Pilates physiotherapist. He is passionate about health and wellness, and knows firsthand the vitality Cadence Pilates can bring. Jon’s vision to bring fully equipped Pilates studio’s to the North Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide coming to fruition through our vibrant studios in St Peter’s, Dernancourt and Golden Grove. Jon is driven by a passion for exercise and ongoing self-improvement. If Jon is not passionately teaching at Cadence Pilates or consulting at Cadence Physio you will most likely find him hanging out with his beautiful wife, being active with his 3 children or running the local streets training for his next marathon.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Jon Joyce

Jon Joyce

Jon Joyce is our founder and lead Cadence Pilates physiotherapist. He is passionate about health and wellness, and knows firsthand the vitality Cadence Pilates can bring. Jon’s vision to bring fully equipped Pilates studio’s to the North Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide coming to fruition through our vibrant studios in St Peter’s, Dernancourt and Golden Grove. Jon is driven by a passion for exercise and ongoing self-improvement. If Jon is not passionately teaching at Cadence Pilates or consulting at Cadence Physio you will most likely find him hanging out with his beautiful wife, being active with his 3 children or running the local streets training for his next marathon.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Katie Joyce

Katie Joyce

Katie is passionate about health and wellness and loves the way Pilates promotes strength and conditioning in a low impact, high intensity format. With a background in Occupational Therapy and classical ballet she brings her clinical knowledge and dance experience to create a flowing, balanced class style challenging coordination, flexibility and strength. Family is her number one lifestyle choice and her initial love for Pilates blossomed following the birth of her oldest son as she recovered her core systems after pregnancy. Managing a busy household with 3 children, the practice of Pilates has become an important and sacred space for maintaining physical and mental wellness. Katie is a fully certified Clinical Matwork and Equipment Pilates Instructor in the APPI method. Attending regular classes with Katie you will be taught that Pilates is a lifestyle, encouraged to give new moves a go and push you to the next level.
Katie has a passion for teaching, equipping and developing new Pilates Instructors. As well as creating and overseeing our internal training program for Pilates Instructors at Cadence, Katie is a Presenter for Unite Health teaching the APPI Pilates Instructor Certification course to new budding Pilates Instructors in Adelaide.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Mel Jones

Mel Jones

Mel is born and bred in the North Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide. She is an APPI Matwork certified Pilates Instructor. You’ll find her friendly and understanding. She is passionate about finding the best way forward for her clients health and wellbeing, and brings a wonderful sense of inclusiveness with her teaching style. As well as being a supermum to 3 gorgeous kids, she also works as Paediatric Physiotherapist.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Erin Pregarc

Erin Pregarc

Erin is our one of a kind dance trained Pilates instructor (DMA method). Her creativity and imagery make her classes fun and interesting. Her passion for Pilates and agility comes second to none and she has spent years perfecting the importance of her craft for the benefit of every member that comes her way. She has a strong interest in women’s health and Pilates for dancers and her famous reindeer move has become a favourite at Cadence. Erin is a Physiotherapist at Cadence and works in our women’s health and pre/post natal programs. When Erin is not teaching dance or pilates you will find her looking after her 2 little girls and taking her fur baby Kransky to the park to play with his little sausage friends.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Maria Hendy

Maria Hendy

Maria is one bad ass Pilates instructor! As a highly experienced physiotherapist her classes are carefully planned to make sure you get a whole body workout where your muscles are loaded, burning and wanting more, just like her well known move called ‘Lava’ which is frequently requested by our regular members. Her clever sense of humour and calm persona makes her classes fun, enjoyable and not wanting to miss a week. Maria also runs our pre/post natal Pilates classes for pregnant and new mums and has recently become a new mum herself. Maria is a keen badminton player and tour guide for the Ancient Egyptian Coptic Gallery in Adelaide.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Issy Egan

Issy Egan

Issy is a lover of pilates and after commencing her Physiotherapy studies she found the perfect mix of pilates as a progressional form of exercise and also as an effective modality for injury rehab and prevention. Issy’s love for people, passion for helping others and warm personality makes her classes fun and welcoming. With the never ending options for exercises and progressions you will never get bored in Issy’s classes and be challenged to try something new. Issy is matwork trained in the APPI method Pilates Instruction and works as a Physiotherapist at Flinders Medical Centre.
Issy enjoys beach walks and hikes with her Border Collie puppy Fred and when she gets the opportunity to travel is is off visiting all the sites around SA, Australia and around the world.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Olivia Salvatore

Olivia Salvatore

Olivia brings her fun, bubbly and energetic personality to our Pilates classes. No wonder her almond milk cappuccino always has that extra shot. Olivia knows how good Pilates is for your body. It is versatile and adaptable and you can really challenge yourself in so many ways on the reformer. Olivia will make your Pilates classes a fun form of exercise, what isn’t there to love about that! Olivia enjoys meeting new people and is incredibly passionate about teaching your Pilates classes. She is here to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Did anyone say reformer burpee? Liv is also a Physiotherapist at Cadence and has completed her APPI Clinical Matwork and Equipment Pilates course.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Gemma Varricchio

Gemma Varricchio

Gemma has a Bachelor or Medical Science, Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Physiotherapy and completed the APPI Clinical Matwork and Equipment Pilates course. She loves how Pilates challenges both our mind and body and its holistic approach to the key elements of overall health. In Gemma’s classes you will feel stronger and more connected to your body. She feels privileged to be a part of your health and fitness journey which includes falling in love with Pilates.
– Favourite Pilates move: oblique pike/snake
– Favourite stretch: rolls down with the reformer
– Favourite class: tone or burn
– Favourite colour: green
– Pets: yes! 2 dogs name Zoe (frenchie) and Alexa (poodle)
– Hobbies: reading and pilates of course
Gemma is known for her iconic Pilates lingo: so…’let’s get those muscles feeling nice and toasty’. Gemma also consults as a Physiotherapist at Cadence Physio.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Zoe Rix

Zoe Rix

Zoe is another one of our joy bringing Physiotherapy students and currently completing her APPI Clinical matwork and equipment Pilates Certification. When she’s not at Pilates you will find her on the netball court or lying down…..doing her side lying glutes that it! Zoe loves how Pilates provides a form of fitness for pretty much anyone and everyone. A low impact way to work on muscle strength and conditioning. Such as the muscle burn that sneaks up on you after side lying glutes! Zoe is kind, humble and welcoming. She saves her official black belt for the taekwondo studio. She likes her coffee with lots of chocolate, minus the coffee!

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Melissa McLay

Melissa McLay

Mel designs her Pilates classes to help you function at your optimal level. Whether it be strength and conditioning, rehabilitation or pre/post-natal she is on your team. Mel loves how Pilates caters for everybody, regardless of age or physical ability. Every class at Cadence is unique so no matter which session you attend you benefit greatly from improved mobility and flexibility throughout the whole body. Variety is Mel’s secret ingredient. Mel is also a consulting Physiotherapist at our Dernancourt and St Peters practices and is completing her APPI clinical Pilates certification. If she’s not around Cadence teaching or consulting, you can find Mel hanging out with her family, at the beach, sipping an oat latte, exercising (of course) or camping.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Aajiah Jericho

Aajiah Jericho

Question: which describes Aajiah the best?
A. Graduate of a Bachelor of Human Movement (Exercise and Sport Science)
B. Accredited Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
C. Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology
D. APPI Pilates method trained
E. SANFL player
F. All of the above
Answer: F all of the above
Aajiah the All-rounder, as we like to call her, is in life to help people enjoy exercise, move well in order to feel better, improve their quality of life and work towards their goals. Pilates offers a platform in which she can do this! Aaj loves how Pilates exercises and classes can be adapted to suit people of different levels and abilities. Her Pilates classes are renowned for improving your mobility, stability, conditioning and strength. Aajiah mixes up her weekends with other activities such as hiking, camping, biking, skating, surfing, drawing and guitar tunes. Told ya, she’s an all-rounder.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Lauren Slattery

Lauren Slattery

Lauren is a certified APPI Pilates Instructor and student of Economics and Law. She is here to represent our members in the pursuit of health and fitness. No objections there! Lauren is a firm believer in practicing what you preach. Along her own journey in the realm of Pilates she decided that her passion in life was to help others achieve goals that were similar to hers. She loves the positivity of Pilates culture and the mindfulness it brings to exercise. Lauren will be the first to tell you that Pilates is such a great form of movement. It incorporates many different types of exercise where you can really target the workout to whichever style suits you. Just know that you will leave Lauren’s class feeling connected and energised or super sweaty. She has so much much to offer!

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Maddy Neneke

Maddy Nenke

Maddy is a certified APPI Pilates Instructor and currently studying Physiotherapy. Every one of Maddy’s Pilates classes will challenge your body in new ways. It’s not only a workout to help gain strength, condition your core or spike your heart rate but will also help you excel in other areas of fitness and daily life. Maddy loves that Pilates is for everybody. She can’t wait to build friendships with you and embrace everyone as an individual. She has shining skills in noticing how different bodies move which pushes her to design the best workout for every body.
Outside the studio you will find Maddy in lifestyle training:
– Outdoor walks
– Hitting the gym
– Coffee with family and friends
– Playing netball
– Beach days
We like the sound of that!

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Tori Kaesler

Tori Kaesler

Tori is a Physiotherapist working in Paediatrics, with a side hustle in teaching Pilates at Cadence. She has completed her APPI Clinical Pilates course and is your perfect tour guide through the joys, benefits and versatility of the Pilates journey. She knows the road connecting Pilates exercises to the immediate benefits of life all too well. Just signal her down and enjoy the exciting ride to health and wellness. Tori is from a small country town in the Flinders Ranges and can’t go past a day outdoors enjoying life. Her life motto is ‘helping others be the best themselves they can’. So come and enjoy life with Tori.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Ellen Kingham

Ellen Kingham

Introducing Ellen, our Master of Physiotherapy student and Master of finding joy in movement! It has been an integral part of her life for the last 20 years through her involvement in dance. Ellen is also completing her APPI Clinical Matwork and Equipment Certification. Ellen’s passion for engaging herself and others in movement inspires progression in all aspects of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She is here to encourage you to move your body in a way that is best for you. Your discovery/lightbulb moment of genuinely enjoying exercise and connecting with your body is her speciality. Yes, even when she calls for a spicy plank series during her favourite tone or strength class. Pilates is her art in motion! Come enjoy the flow of a class with Ellen. You will enjoy each move along the way to health and happiness. Two things that never goes out of style!

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Sheridan Ash

Sheridan Ash

Shez is a Physiotherapy student undertaking her APPI Clinical Pilates certification. She loves the versatility Pilates provides and uses her strength and conditioning knowledge to get you a good workout just by a few killer exercises. The post endorphin feeling following her Pilates workout will want you coming back for more. The more she teaches, the more we want to move! Not that we have much choice when she is targeting our legs and glutes 🙂 Pilates is for anyone and everyone and Shez gets great satisfaction in improving the health of others and sharing the enjoyment of exercise through Pilates. Outside the Pilates studio will find Shez playing netball and generally keeping active but she is also known to sit still sometimes with a good coffee and great book!

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Jas Bhathal

Jasjot (Jas) Bhathal

Jas is another one of our shinning Physiotherapy students undertaking her APPI Clinical Pilates certification. Jas loves the inclusivity and versatility of Pilates and is a passionate advocate for health and wellness. She understands the way Pilates helps to build strong mind and body awareness and elevates mood. Pilates is the perfect tool to achieve success in both! By teaching Pilates Jas wants to help people achieve their fitness goals and shares Cadence’s deep passion for movement. She is a firm believer in moving your body to increase the longevity of your health. Jas is very much part of Cadence and the strong and thriving community of Pilates and fitness lovers. She has loved building strong relationships with members during her 12 months at Cadence in an admin support role. In her free time you will find Jas hanging at the beach, gym, Pilates studio (of course!), reading, sneaker shopping or traveling.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Fleur Kupke

Fleur Kupke

Fleur is a Physiotherapist, certified APPI Matwork Pilates Instructor and your full body workout specialist, naturally engaging and strengthening your core without you even realising. Fleur encourages you to reach your health and fitness goals and knows first-hand the benefits of Pilates for the many changes a body can go through. She champions Pilates as a great fit for women during their pre/post-natal time to aid a smooth recovery and continue to exercise in a safe and effective way. She remains passionate about women understanding how important their pelvic health is and ways to work towards wellness in that area. Pilates has helped restored Fleur’s body after having three boys of her own. With loving 3 boys at home there’s not as much time for her beloved organised sports, but plenty of backyard cricket to keep her moving.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Ella Sargeant

Ella Sargeant

Ella is a Physiotherapy student and has commenced her APPI Clinical Pilates Certification. Ella loves how Pilates allows people to walk into the studio early in the morning or after a long day and switch off and check in with themselves. She has limitless ways to test your body whilst enjoying the creativity she brings using different variables and tricks to add some super spice to classes. Ella draws her teaching passion from wanting everyone who comes in the door to feel like they have a safe space to get stronger, get sweaty or just move their body. Pilates is for everyone. The versatility that comes with Pilates allows for accessibility and tailoring for someone of any age, any stage of life or any skill level. Add joy bringer to her own list of skills. Whoever can say the alphabet backwards (like Ella) gets these bragging rights!

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Sophie Kelly

Sophie Kelly

Sophie is studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and is an APPI Certified Pilates Instructor. She loves how Pilates makes you feel. Sophie will help you use muscles in the body that you didn’t know existed. A one of a kind workout for a healthy lifestyle whilst nourishing your body, mind and soul. Pilates embodies everything that Sophie lives and breathes. She is so grateful to bring the methodology of Pilates to the world and connect with others through her teaching. Sophie is a competitive middle distance runner and hits the training ground 14 hours a week. If she’s not running, you’ll find her at the beach or simply catching up on sleep.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Eliza Geh

Eliza Geh

Eliza is a Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist at Cadence who shares our enthusiasm and joy for all things Pilates. Just take one of her Pilates classes to experience the endless flow of fun and creative movements. Eliza will challenge you to feel your strongest. She loves how Pilates challenges the mind and body to become more self-aware whilst improving strength and stability. Eliza is also mastering new skills through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI).
-Favourite Pilates move: flying spilts
-Favourite stretch: monkey stretch
-Favourite class: HIIT
-Favourite colour: anything pastel
-Pets: 3 cats named Poppy, Stella and Ivy
-Hobbies: touch footy, baking, walking, beaching and brunching
In her free time you’ll find Eliza hanging out with friends, online shopping, going on
bakery runs or getting a late night gelato fix.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Simone Granger

Simone Granger

Simone is all about making Pilates inclusive for everyone. She encourages movement for people of all ages, shapes and abilities. Even the family dog Harvey has his own prescribed activity. Helping people move and grow in their abilities and see how that translates into day to day lives is truly rewarding for Simone. Getting to know each member rates as a daily highlight. Simone has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement and Health Science) and is an APPI Certified Pilates Instructor. Her favourite way of getting her class participants moving is through her oblique pikes, always a burner. Cooled down by her favourite iced latte.

Cadence Pilates Instructors Adelaide – Brittany Guglielmo

Brittany Guglielmo

Brittany is a passionate, exuberant physiotherapist with a keen interest in how the body works and our ability to train movement. She has always been drawn to Pilates as it engages the mind and body and the focus on simple exercises to create a great workout. Seeing members achieve their goals as she uses her expertise and knowledge of the body brings a smile to her face. Brittany is passionate about dance and loves the connections that can be made with dance and movement through Pilates. Amazingly Brittany does not enjoy coffee but this certainly doesn’t mean she lacks zest or energy whilst teaching her Pilates classes. Brittany is a qualified masters Physiotherapist through the graduate entry program and has her undergraduate as a Bachelor of Health Science. Reading, playing cards with friends, watching a good movie and making homemade cards are just some of the pastimes you will find Brittany doing in her spare time.

Cadence Pilates Adelaide - Instructor - Neve Ingram

Neve Ingram

Neve is our 3rd year Physiotherapy student who can be described as a bit of spice with a bit of nice. Warm, friendly and caring makes up the nice bit. What about the spicy bit? Well…in Neve’s classes you will be able to let go of any life stressors and completely focus on how your body is moving and feeling. It is possible to challenge yourself and have fun at the same time! That’s the Neve difference. She loves bringing joy to others and helping people to improve their strength and fitness. Neve is completing her APPI Clinical matwork and equipment certification and when she’s not in the Pilates studio she is spicing it up on the netball court.

Cadence Pilates Studio - Adelaide - Mel Workout - Mobile
Adelaide Pilates - Cadence Pilates - Workout - Reformer

Our Vision For The Future Of Pilates

At Cadence Pilates, we’re excited about your future. We want to see you grow into the person you want to be and encourage you to excel in all that you do, including physical strength and fitness.

Adelaide Pilates - Cadence Pilates - Workout - Reformer

Our Vision For The Future Of Pilates

At Cadence Pilates, we’re excited about your future. We want to see you grow into the person you want to be and encourage you to excel in all that you do, including physical strength and fitness.


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